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Examples of my work below

Bird Houses

Bottle Stoppers

Bottle Stopper Displays

Bowls and Platters



Fireplace Screens

Game Calls

Key Rings & USB Drives



Letter Openers & Magnifiers



Pen Displays

Pet Urns

Razor Handles & Shaving Sets

Seam Rippers

Stylus Tools for touch screens

Image Concealment Films


Bowls and Platters

These bowls have been carved from horizontal log sections using hand carving tools. They are sealed with a food grade material and polished with a final finish of wax and mineral oil. To treat the bowls and platters recondition with mineral oil after use for long life.

Spalted maple bowl
Large three legged Bowl - Includes Live edge

Spalted maple bowl
From a 24" wide log this bowl was carved using hand tools. The wood is Spalted Maple. Three chunky legs are spaced equally on the bottom. This table center piece will be a conversational topic.
24" in across by 12" high

Spalted maple bowl

Carved Platter
Carved 3 bowl Bradford Pear

Includes Live edge   - 15" x 12" x 2.5"
This three bowl platter is made from a horizontal slice from a Bradford Pear tree. Bark inclusion is included in the piece as well as spalting in some areas. It is hand carved and sealed with a food grade sealer for use with food. It has been polished using wax and mineral oil. To condition continue using mineral oil after use.

Carved Platter
Spalted maple Bowl

Hand Carved into Spalted maple tree section.
Areas of the bowl include a tree limb and the cambium layer of the tree.
Includes Live edge - 12" x12" x 2.5"

Carved Platter
Carved platter from slice of Bradford Pear tree

This platter is carved by hand from a horizontal section from a Bradford Pear tree. Bark inclusion is included in the piece as well as spalting in some areas. It is finished with food safe sealers including wax and mineral oil. Mineral oil should be used to condition the wood.
Includes Live edge - 14" x 12" x 2.5"

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